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It has long been accepted that many of today's illnesses and diseases are caused by the accumulation of harmful toxins in the human body. After many years of research inspired by the longevity and resilience of forest trees, it was discovered in Japan that wood and bamboo vinegar extracts have the unique property of adsorbing bodily toxins. Further research and the addition of other natural active ingredients gave rise to the 'All Natural Detox Foot Patch'.


detox patches

Our new range of detox patches are improved versions of the original detoxifying foot patch from Japan that have been scientifically proven to help extract harmful toxins from your body while you sleep! People all over the world are using our detox patches to help maintain good health and wellbeing. The reason why these patches have gained such popularity is down to how simple they are to use and the positive results users have experienced.

In order to understand how detox patches work, we must first understand some interesting facts about the human body. For hundreds of years, eastern medicine has long believed that toxins travel downwards in the body during the day and accumulate from the tips of our toes to the ankles. It is also understood that toxin accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis are caused by acidic toxin fluid gathered in the joints. In foot reflexology, the feet are considered as an abbreviated version of the body, with 62 acupuncture points on the soles relating to the major organs in the body.

Detox patches contain natural ingredients which stimulate these acupuncture points through the combined action of wood/bamboo vinegar, far infrared and minus ion emissions. This stimulation results in the breakdown of water and waste molecules that frees blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic system allowing blood to flow more freely and toxic material to be removed into the patches.



Wood/bamboo vinegar - After many years of research inspired by the longevity and resilience of forest trees, it was discovered in Japan that wood and bamboo vinegar extracts have the unique property of being able to adsorb bodily toxins.

Far infrared - Far infrared is a form of safe radiated energy given off by the ingredients of Detoxi patches. As the far infrared energy penetrates, it warms the tissues and increases the blood supply within the affected area promoting healing and cell regeneration. It also stimulates the breakdown of water & waste molecules which are extracted from the body through a kind of transdermal osmosis.

Minus ion emissions - Minus ions are formed naturally and an abundance of it may be found beside waterfalls and rainforests. This is the reason for the soothing effect one experiences when in the vicinity of these areas. Minus ion devices such as electronic ionizers have been around for a long time and its health benefits have been proven.

Simply place these patches onto the soles of your feet before you sleep and remove the next morning. Overnight, toxins and body waste will have been absorbed into the patch and through the process of osmosis, the healing properties of the natural ingredients will have been absorbed.

After 8-10 hours, the visual results are obvious. The powders will often change colour and consistency to a brown/grey colour and become slightly stiff and sticky. This change in colour and consistency signifies that toxins have been removed into the patch.

Full instructions on how to use our detox patches can be found in the information section



1. Quality - All our detox patches are made in Japan using the first grade and best available ingredients. Be careful of cheap imitations and claims of US FDA registered. Lower grade detox patches made outside Japan may contain lower quality vinegars that are hazardous to health.

2. GMP - Our manufacturer in Japan holds GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, which guarantees that every detox sheet made is created only with the highest quality of bamboo and wood vinegar and with highest standard of manufacturing.

3. Safety - Partnering with state-of-the-art research laboratories in USA (FDA level laboratory) and Japan, our manufacturer continues to research and test their products yearly. The continuous research and yearly tests enable us to provide the best quality detox patches for you. All of our detox patches have passed the necessary safety tests and certifications.

4. Results - We could continue to tell you how good our product is, but real results are worth a thousand words. Please take a moment and visit our 'Research' section, where extensive research and tests on our detox patches have been conducted. We take great pride in knowing that our customers can purchase our product with confidence.

5. Reputation - Our detox patches have been the number one best seller in Japan for no less than 14 times since 1990 and we are confident that you will share the same positive experience as those people all over the world, who are using our detox patches.




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